Kenya DNA baby gender test

The DNA gender test determines an unborn child's sex from as early as week 7 of pregnancy.

Baby DNA Gender Testing in Kenya

The DNA gender test determines the sex of the unborn child. It can be conducted after seven weeks of pregnancy and only a sample of the mother’s blood is needed. This means that the mother doesn’t have to wait until the pregnancy is 20 weeks to determine her baby’s gender through ultrasound. The early gender DNA test is based on the fact that the baby’s DNA, known as cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA), circulates freely in the mother’s blood. The cffDNA can be extracted from the mother’s blood and presence of the Y chromosome analyzed. The early gender DNA test is more accurate than the ultrasound test which has an average accuracy of just over 90% or lower in other settings. The accuracy of the early gender DNA test goes up to 99%. Other advantages of the early gender DNA test are that:
  1. It's 100% safe. The test does not expose the mother or the child to any risk
  2. Reports come out in 5 working days
  3. it's painless
  4. The accuracy of the test is higher than that of the ultrasound gender test
  5. Testing can be done from as early as week 7 of pregnancy
  6. We have convenient appointments to suit your schedule
  7. Unlike the invasive test where the amniotic fluid sample from the mother is drawn using amniocentesis, only the maternal blood is used in this test and fetal DNA is obtained from the maternal blood
  8. The test has been scientifically validated and approved and is done using the most advanced scientific methods and DNA high-sequencing instruments. A rigorous bioinformatics analysis helps to provide accurate and reliable results. You can click here to read the publication
  9. Extracted cffDNA can be analyzed to check whether the fetus is at risk of developing chromosomal disorders such as Down’s Syndrome


Type of TestCostComments/purpose
DNA Baby Gender Test20,000 Kshs Determines whether the unborn child is male or female.

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Blood sample from the pregnant mother is needed.


Results are available for collection 5 working days after receiving the sample

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