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The DNA Paternity Test is carried out to determine if a man is actually the biological father of a child. KIBs can determine whether a man IS or IS NOT a particular child’s father with an accuracy of up to 99.9999%. We can also perform a DNA test using samples from the brother’s father if the alleged father is not available.

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Our standard 24-marker DNA test involves comparison of 24 different genetic markers in the DNA of the child, father, and mother. The DNA test is based on the fact that 50% of a child’s DNA is inherited from the father and 50% from the mother. At 23 of the 24 locations, a person has 2 numbers each one derived from either parent. This DNA test provides maximum statistical power and is superior to the DNA tests commonly used by most law enforcement labs in Kenya and the entire Africa.

A paternity index (PI) score of 1 is assigned to each marker that matches the alleged father’s and the child’s DNA profile while a PI score of 0 is assigned to every non-match. The PI is the likelihood ratio that indicates whether the evidence fits better with the hypothesis that the man is the father or with the hypothesis that someone else is the father.

The combined paternity index (CPI) is then computed by multiplying the PIs then converted to a probability of paternity value. The larger the CPI, the more strongly the hypothesis that the alleged father is the true biological father is supported by the genetic evidence. The alleged father is ruled out as the biological father if he does not share a number in common at 3 or more genetic systems. We are also capable of providing further tests and statistical analyses in complicated cases leading to accurate and irrefutable results.

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Cost of DNA Test in Kenya?

The 24-marker DNA test costs 15,000 Kshs. per person (total:30,000 kshs for alleged father+1 child). The 44-marker DNA test costs 20,000 Kshs. per person (total:40,000 kshs for 1 alleged father+1 child). The DNA test determines if a man is the biological father of an individual.


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Participants and Samples

Samples from the Child and the Alleged Father are needed for the DNA test. It is not a must to send the Mother's sample even though having it can strengthen the DNA results

Legal DNA Test

If the test is required for legal purposes, the participants must physically come to the lab for sample collection. A chain-of-custody procedure will be followed and an additional fee of 2,000 kshs levied for notarization of the report by an advocate. Proof of identity of the participants will be required (i.e. National ID Card/passport, and birth certificate for the child).

  • National ID Card or passport
  • Minor's birth certificate
  • Signed consent
  • Chain of custody forms
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    DNA Results will be available for collection 5 working days after receiving all your samples.

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    Adults will sign consent on behalf of minors.

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    We act with honesty and adhere to the highest ethical and moral values.

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    Clients will declare how the reports will be received and by who.


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